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Name: Dr. M. S. Radhika, Ph.D (Nutrition)
Scientist ‘D’
Phone: 91-40-27197294

Brief Profile:

Education & Training: Ph.D. in Nutrition (Work centre: National Institute of Nutrition), Osmania University, Hyderabad. Broad Area of research are Public Health Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. Specific Areas of research are (a) Micronutrient research (food fortification and dietary diversification studies) with respect to iron, zinc and Vitamin A among different vulnerable population sub groups. (b) Public health nutrition research on Infant and young child feeding. (c) Sensory evaluation and food acceptability studies (lab and field based studies). (d) National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau studies related to dietary intakes, anthropometry and diet related chronic diseases.


List of Publications:

1. Nair KM, Brahmam GNV, Radhika MS, Roy CD, Ravinder P, Hawthorne K, Chen J, Abrams S. Inclusion of guava with meals enhanced non-heme iron bioavailability but not fractional zinc absorption in adolescents. April 2013 (First published ahead of print (doi: 10.3945/jn.112.171702). IF: 3.916.

2. Radhika MS, Nair KM, Kumar RH, Rao MV, Ravinder P, Reddy CG, Brahmam GNV. Micronized ferric pyrophosphate supplied through extruded rice kernals improves body iron stores in children: a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled midday meal feeding trial in Indian school children. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2011 ; 94(5):1202-10. IF: 6.6.

3. Mallikarjuna Rao K, Arlappa N, Radhika MS, Balakrishna N, Laxmiah A, Brahmam GNV. Correlation of fat Mass index and fat free mass index with percent body fat and their association with hypertension among urban adult men and women. Annals of Human Biology. 2012; 39(1):54-58. IF: 1.713.

4. Radhika M S, Bhaskaram P, Balakrishna N, Ramalakshmi B A. Red palm oil supplementation could be a feasible diet based approach to improve vitamin A status of pregnant women and their infants, Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 2003; 24(2): 208. IF: 0.073 (SJR).

5. Radhika MS, Bhaskaram P, Balakrishna N, Ramalakshmi B A, Savitha Devi. Effects of Vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy on maternal and child health. British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology , 2002; 109: 689-93. IF: 1.864.

Awards & Prizes:

• Best Poster Award in Health and Wellbeing category: “Acceptability of milk-based ready-to-eat supplementary foods by 12-35 month old ICDS children in the Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh”, Nutra India Summit,2014.

• IDA Presidents Award: “ Dietary inadequacy of vitamin B12 & folic acid among urban adult men & women”, IDA Golden Jubilee National Conference, 2013

• NSI Prize: “Dietary Iron Density and Prevalence of Anaemia among Adolescents of Government Residential Schools in Hyderabad”, NSI Annual National Conference 2011

• J.N.Bose Memorial Award: Best paper entitled “Defining a cut-off value for serum retinol to define the extent and functional implications of vitamin A deficiency in pregnant women”, Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) Annual National Conference, 2001.

• Young Scientist Award: Best paper entitled “Effects of vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy on maternal and child health”, NSI Annual National Conference, 1999.

• Shree Haveliram Pasricha Prize: Poster entitled “Nutritional Status of rheumatoid arthritic patients”, Nutrition Society of India (NSI) Annual National Conference, 1997.

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