Major research interest is on nutrigenomics of age-related and life-style disorders. At present our research is focused on complications of diabetes and obesity such as retinal dystrophies, renal complication and cataract. Specific research programs under headway are:
Nutrigenomics- to evaluate nutritional status of elderly as well people with age-related diseases is undertaken; to understand the influence of nutrients, particularly micronutrients on molecular signaling mechanisms related to age-related diseases; to investigate the effect of genotype and nutrition in modulating molecular processes involved in complications of diabetes and obesity at gene and protein level by genomics and proteomics approaches; to understand the role of polymorphisms of the genes involved in these metabolic pathways and gene-nutrient interactions is investigated.  
Impact of functional foods- to investigate the impact of functional foods and their bioactive molecules on signaling mechanisms involved in diabetic complications and other age-related diseases.

Development and evaluation of animal models- to develope suitable animal models for investigating the molecular basis of prediabetes, type-2 diabetes and obesity-related complications; to study the molecular nutrition and also test therapeutic molecules using these models.

Protein quality control- to investigate the role of protein quality control machinery such as ER stress, UPS and small heat shock proteins in age-related diseases; to understand the modulation of protein quality control systems by dietary and nutritional means; to study the prevention of protein aggregates by chaperones and functional food molecules.

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