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National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB)


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The Genesis

Monitoring of the nutritional status of the population is an important aspect of any nutrition programme. Nutrition surveillance and monitoring help to assess the impact of the studies made in the area of nutrition intervention and overall development as well as  to determine the direction in which the community’s nutrition is progressing. 

Hence, ICMR established the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB) in the year 1972, with a Central Reference Laboratory at NIN and units in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.


  1. To collect data on dietary intakes and nutritional status of the population in each of the States on a continuous basis. 

  2. To evaluate the on-going National Nutrition Programmes, identify their strengths and weaknesses and recommend mid- course corrections to improve their effectiveness. 

Diet Survey

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