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Graduated from Kakatiya University, Warangal with distinction and M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D in Statistics from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Was awarded "University First Ranker" for securing highest marks in M.Sc. (Statistics) for the academic year 2003-2005. He Was awarded "Dr. M.N. Gopalan Award- Young Statistician Award Competition for the Year 2007", from Indian Society for Probability and Statistics and a “Gold Medal in Honour of Prof. C.R. Rao” from Sri Venkateshwara University on the occasion of 3rd National Statistics day celebrations, 2009. Involved in three ongoing projects as a statistician. Faculty member of the M.Sc. (Applied Nutrition) course and Post Graduate Certificate Course in Nutrition at National Institute of Nutrition. 

Total publications 5
Publications in last 10 years
  1. Naveen Kumar Boiroju, I. I. Meshram, D. Vijayabhaskara Rao, M. S. Radhika and K. Venkaiah (2016), Ranking Of The Districts Using A Composite Index Based On The Nutritional Status Of Under 5 Year Children In Telangana State, International Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, Vol. 4 (1), 71-83.
  2. Naveen Kumar Boiroju and K. Venkaiah (2016), A New Algorithm for Generating Gaussian Random Numbers, International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences, Vol. 12 (2), 307-310.
  3. Ramu Yerukala, Naveen Kumar Boiroju and Kollu Ranga Rao (2017), Approximations to three essential functions of standard normal distribution, International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Vol. 18 (1), 12-20.
  4. R. Ramakrishna and Naveen Kumar Boiroju (2015), New approximations to student t-distribution, Advances in Applied Science Research, Vol. 6 (11), 16-22.
  5. Naveen Kumar Boiroju, D. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao and K. Venkaiah (2016), Application of Ridit Analysis to Study the Severity of Anemia Among Children, Adolescents and Pregnant Women in Andhra Pradesh, Sri Lankan Journal of Applied Statistics, Under review.


Award and recognition

Received "Second Prize" in the evaluation of the 16th foundation training programme for scientists and technologists conducted by Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi.

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