Microbiology and Immunology

The division has been addressing problems related to Nutrition, Infection and Immunity in Children and Pregnant women.A study on > 600 newborns confirmed that Indian babies do not accumulate more fat and are comparable to the Southampton neonates. The same study demonstrated that both body fat and muscle mass increase with increasing birth weight;and concluded that the origin of the thin-fat, insulin resistant phenotype of Indians may not have its origin at birth. A prospective cohort study on > 1000 pregnant women demonstrated that cut-off of maternal weight or height of 55 kg and 152 cm or mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) of < 24 cm at 20 weeks gestation increase the risk of having a low birth weight or small for gestational age baby by more than 2 folds.

Another study on pregnant women was the first to demonstrate that a third of the pregnant women in India suffer from silent subclinical chorioamnionitis, which may affect foetal growth adversely. Effect of low maternal vitamin D on a spectrum of immune cells in pregnant womenwas also shown.Currently,the Division is characterizing gut and vaginal microbiome in pregnant and non pregnant women by metagenomic profiling. Further, a community based integrated approach in the first 1000 days of life is being tested to improve maternal health and pregnancy outcome.

Dr. R. Hemalatha, Scientist ‘F’ and Head
Dr. M. Shiva Prakash, Scientist ‘E’
Dr. Amruth Rao, Scientist ‘D’
Dr. Devraj Prasannavar, Scientist ‘B’

Mr. Ch. Hanumantha Reddy, Technical Officer
Mrs Shailaja, Technical Officer


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