Food Chemistry Division

This Division works with a mission to acquire and maintain authoritative Indian food composition databases.

Agricultural commodities as well as complex, processed or formulated foods, change rapidly in response to changes in consumer preferences, nutrition and fortification policy, food technology, and food source.  The goal of the Food Chemistry Division is to provide the best estimates of the nutrient profile for the population of each food identified as important in the Indian food supply. The Division will continuously redefine the foods and nutrients in the database to represent what is being currently consumed by the population. The Division will also create database of food biodiversity especially those that are being consumed by the indigenous populations of the country. Special focus is being made on non nutrient bioactive substances and on the effects of different food processing methods on nutrient parameters. To this end a state-of-the-art laboratory capable of analyzing more than 160 nutrients and bioactive substances in foods is being maintained. The high level of confidence of the data on food coming from the Division can be expected to benefit essentially every national activity touching on human nutrition research, policy and education.

The Division recently released the Indian Food Composition Tables -2017.


Mr. T. Longvah,  Scientist ‘G’ & Head
Dr. K. Bhaskarachary, Scientist ‘D’
Dr. J. Sreenivas Rao, Scientist ‘D’
Dr. S. Devindra, Scientist ‘C’
Dr. R. Ananthan, Scientist ‘C’
Dr. Paras Sharma, Scientist ‘C’

Technical Officers
Mr. V. Satish Babu, Technical Officer “B”
Ms. Vani Acharya, Technical Officer ‘A’
Mr. K. Mangthya, Technical Officer ‘A’

Mr. K. Subash, Technical Officer ‘A’
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