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     Food and Drug Toxicology Research Centre

The Food and Drug Toxicology Research Centre (FDTRC) is engaged in research involving food safety, drug toxicity and safety, dietary management of chronic diseases, preclinical toxicology of drugs, biotech products developed indigenously.


  • World Bank/Ministry of Health & Family Welfare funded project on Knowledge, attitude, beliefs, practice (KABP) Capacity Building for food safety and quality of drugs was conducted and data base has been established.

  • DNA based detection methods for food pathogens have been developed under collaborative programme with Bio-serve Company.

  • Total Diet Study sponsored by WHO was carried out in Andhra Pradesh in order to assess the risk due to exposure of contaminants through food.

  • Fluorosis is  endemic in some parts of India. Studies on use of divalent cations like calcium and magnesium indicated that these can be helpful in mitigating fluoride toxicity.

  • Pesticide residues in foods and carbonated beverage are a public health issue. A report on pesticide levels in sugar samples was submitted to Ganguly Committee in the year 2006.

  • Synergistic effect of lead toxicity in iron deficiency anaemia was studied.

  • The preclinical toxicology unit was established in 1999. Recombinant products including vaccine, new drug have been tested for safety.

Present focus areas

  • Foodborne illness

  • Chemical contaminants in foods

  • Mycotoxins

  • Fluorosis

  • Lathyrism

  • Pesticides toxicology

  • Dietary management of chronic diseases

  • Diet and disease

  • Lead toxicity

  • Herbal medicine

  • Preclinical toxicology testing

The centre also gives scientific support to Ministry of Health, GOI, Food Safety and Standards Authority India, Bureau of Indian Standards on Food and Drug Safety.

Thrust Area for Future

  • Chemical and biological contaminants in foods

  • GM food safety testing

  • Mycotoxicosis

  • Pesticides exposure and toxicity

  • Nanotechnology

  • Fluoride toxicity

  • Dietary management of chronic toxicity

  • Environmental toxicology

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