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Research - Community


Field Studies

The Division of Field studies carries out studies on community nutrition and dietetics, in addition to taking up continuous as well as special surveys of National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB).


  • To Assess the prevalence of various dietary and nutrition problems prevalent in the communities

  • To monitor diet and nutrition situation of the country

  • Evolving suitable methods of prevention and control of nutrition problems through research

  • Conducting operational research for planning and implementation of national nutrition programmes

  • To provide orientation training in health and nutrition to the related personnel.

Focus Areas

The division focuses on carrying out a wide range of investigations in the community nutrition and operational research in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India. 

Anthropometrical studies

The activities of the field division are mostly collaborated with State Governments, Central Government and International Agencies while planning and conducting diet and nutrition surveys, evaluating ongoing nutrition programmes and conducting the studies on socio-cultural aspects of nutrition.

Extension and Training

The Extension and Training Division of the Institute is involved in dissemination of nutrition messages to various vulnerable groups in the community and provides need- based education and training to health professionals in the field of nutrition. The Division also acts as an interface between the Institute and the media. The focus areas of the Division are

  1. Information Dissemination

  2. Nutrition Education and Research

  3. Human Resource Development

Extension activities

Using children's  theatre for Nutrition education

Information Dissemination

  1. Publishing periodicals, books and other gratis material on nutrition.

  2. Conducting integrated nutrition education camps in villages, slums and industrial organizations.

  3. Production of educational aids (multicoloured posters/ charts) Instructional CDs and TV films and regular updating of Nutrition Museum.

  4. Using print, radio and TV as channels of nutritional communication.

  5. Optimal utilization of traditional folk forms (Street play, Burrakatha etc.) for nutrition education.

  6. Commemoration of special events like National Science Day, World Food Day, National Nutrition Week, Breast Feeding Week and National Technology Day.

Nutrition Education Research

  1. Community – based research involving both quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

  2. Media research including target audience segmentation, content analysis, message designing, monitoring and evaluation.

  3. Use of social marketing strategy.

  4. Networking with international organizations and other NGOs.

Human Resource Development

The Division organizes the following training programmes

  1. PG Certificate Course in Nutrition

  2. Annual Training Course on Endocrinological Techniques and their Application

  3. Annual Training Course on Assessment of Nutritional Anaemias

  4. Other Adhoc programmes (on request from various national and international organizations)

So far, 1294 participants from several foreign countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar etc., underwent training at NIN. Also, 783 trainees from several parts of India have so far participated in these courses. 

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