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Name: Dr. T. Vijaya Pushpam, MPhil,. Ph.D (Sociology)
Scientist ‘E’
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Brief Profile:

Joined national the National Institute of Nutrition in the year 1996 as Research Officer after a brief stint in Tamil Nadu Police Department. Her area of research interest are Nutrition Education and Social factors effecting the nutrition awareness among different groups of population. She has also been conducting awareness programmes and training programmes at the community level. She successfully conducted nutrition orientation programmes for Programme Officers of National Service Scheme (NSS) of Andhra Pradesh; students of Women Study Department of Alagappa University, Self-Help Group Women of Tamil Nadu. She also developed a number of nutrition education material including pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, video films and CD Roms on Nutrition. She also published her work in many International and National Journals and presented at many scientific fora.


List of Publications:

1. A Qualitative Assessment of Nutrition Knowledge Levels of School Children in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. T.Vijayapushpam, Krishna Kumari Menon, D.Raghunatha Rao, Grace Maria Antony. International J. of Public Health Nutrition, London. 6(7) : 683-688, 2004.

2. Effect of micronutrient supplement on health and nutritional status of school children: Mental function. Shahnaz Vazir, Balakrishna Nagalla, Vijayapushpam Thangiah, Vijayaraghavan Kamasamudram and Sivakumar Bhattiprolu. Nutrition, Vol 22, No.1, Supplement January 2006, pp S26-S32.

3. Dietary habits and effect of two different educational tools on nutrition knowledge of school going adolescent girls in Hyderabad, India. D.Ragunatha Rao, T.Vijayapushpam. GM Subba Rao, GM. Antony and KVR Sarma. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2007) 61, 1081-1085.

4. Nutrition Education for Student Community Volunteers; A Comparative study of Two Different Communication Methods. T.Vijayapushpam, GM.Subba Rao, GM.Antony and D.Raghunatha Rao. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol.29, No.2, pp.108-112, June 2008.

5. The social factors Responsible for fertility decline in Andhra Pradesh” A case study approach. Roopa Ravikumar , T.Vijayapushpam and Grace Maria Antony. Journal of Perspective in Education. Gujarat India. Nov.2003.

6. Nutrition knowledge and dietary habits of school going adolescent girls in Hyderabad”. D Raghunatha Rao, T Vijayapushpam, Grace Maria ,Anthony and K V Rameshwar Sarma. Proceedings of the UCG Concept National Conference on Human Health and Nutrition - A Biotechnological Approach” organized by B.N. Bondod of Science Tane, Mumbai, pp. 84-89, December 12-13, 2004.

7. Gender Development and Related Factors: Study Of Indian States. S.Gokilavani, T.Vijayapushpam, GM Antony and Bhanumathy: Gender, Equity and Main Streaming, .Vol.iv Sep.2007 Coral issue 04.

8. Nutrition education for adolescents in class room setting – Different approaches and lessons learnt - Part 1. G.M.Subba Rao, T.Vijayapushpam, D.Ragunatha Rao, Vinod Pavarala. Nutrition News, Vol. 28 No 3. July 2007, Page 1-4

9. Nutrition Education for Adolescents in classroom setting – Different approaches lessons learnt-Part 11. G.M.Subba Rao, T.Vijayapushpam, D.Ragunatha Rao, Vinod Pavarala. Nutrition News, Vol 28 No 4 October 2007, Page 1-4.

10. Nutrition Education for Student Volunteers Using Televised Folk Song. GM Subba Rao and T Vijayapushpam. (Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour).

11. Nutrition and Health Education Intervention for Student Volunteers : Topicwise Assessment of Impact using Non-Parametric Test. T.Vijayapushpam, Grace Maria Anthony, GM Subba Rao and D Raghunatha Rao. (Journal of Public Health Nutrition).Popular Article

10. A comparative analysis of television food advertisement aimed at adult and children in India , journal of innovative research in science and Engineering vol 2 issue 6 june 2014-09-24, T.vijayapushpam , M.Maheshwar , D.Raghunatha Rao.

13. A current appraisal of health and Nutrition related claim in Indian children “Television Food related advertisement , journal of social science studies ISSN2929-9150-vol 1 no 2.M.Maheshwar. T.Vijayapushpam. Sylvia Fernandus . 2014-09-24

14. Comparison of nutrition knowledge and snacking habits from school affliated to state education board and central board of secondary education, Indian journal of public health research and development April –june 2014 vol 5 no 2 Sylvia Fernandus , T.Vijayapushpam. N.Balakrishna. An article on “Coarse Grain and Nutritive Value” was published at CDAC Website ( (February 2011).

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