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Name: Dr. Vijayalakshmi Venkatesan, M.Sc.Biochemistry,Ph.D.
Scientist ‘F’ & HoD, Stem Cell Biology
Phone: +91-40-27197301

Brief Profile:

She carried out her post doctoral research at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad and worked in the research area of Cell biology towards “Understanding the Cellular and Molecular Regulation of the Genomic and Non-genomic responses of Estradiol and modulation of the Transglutaminase activity in the Vaginal epithelial Cells”

Subsequently, joined as Faculty, Scientist ‘D’ (DBT-Supported) at Centre for Liver Research, Owaisi Hospital & Research Centre, Hyderabad and worked in the area of Hepatobiology and cellular therapy in the management of acute liver failure.

Joined NIN in 2002, and currently heading the stem cell facility at NIN. The primary focus has been to harness the potential(s) of stem cells isolated from the adult tissue /progenitors and we are trying to understand the nutrient interactions in the microenvironment of the stem cells and their programming towards the insulin secreting cells. This is essentially from the primary cultures islets, intra islet precursors and mesenchymal cells. This also involves the Tissue culture work and using the state-of-th-art techniques such as Confocal microscopy, FAX and PCR the cellular and molecular characterization is being undertaken.

Her Division is also developing the cell lines from the adipose, pancreatic and Kidney tissues of the NIN mutant Obese rats funded by DBTwith NIN-NCCS as an alternate to the in vivo system.

The efficacy of Human Umbilical Cord Serum(HUCS) as an alternative to FCS is also being investigated in primary cultures,stem cells and cell lines.(Publications enclosed)


List of Publications:

1. S. Thanumalayan, V. Venkatesan, M. Laxmi Narasu. (2008) ‘Sub-cellular localization of suppressor of potassium transport defect 3 (SKD3) into nucleus and nuclear matrix. Indian Journal of Science and Technology Vol.1 No 3. ’

2. S.Thanumalayan,M Laxmi Narsu,V.Venkatesan (2008)Down regulation of suppressor of potassium transport defect 3 (SKD3) in testis of nonobese diabetic (NOD) mice.Ind J Vet Pathol.,32(2):242-245,

3. Raj K Dorisetty, Sashi G Kiran, Malathi R Umrani, Sesikeran Boindala, Ramesh R Bhonde, Vijayalakshmi Venkatesan, (2008) Immunolocalization of nestin in pancreatic tissue of mice at different ages. World J Gastroenterol December 14; 14(46): 7112-7116.

4. Vijayalakshmi.V, Sashi Kiran.G.( 2008) Pluripotency of spermatogonial stem cells from adult mouse testis.’ Conference on Recent Advances and Challenges in Reproductive Health Research. Editors: RS Sharma, A Rajanna , M Rajalakshmi

5. Y.R. Ahuja , V. Vijayalakshmi , and K. Polasa. (2007) Stem cell test: a practical tool in toxicogenomics. Toxicology 231 1–10.

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7. Vijayalakshmi V, Maniprabha C, Sesikeran B and Bhonde RR. (2005) Identification and Characterization of Pancreatic Progenitors From Adult Pancreatic Tissue. Ranbaxy Science Foundation; Stem cell Research: From Bench to Bedside. Pg 29-33 Ed: OP Sood, RS Bakshi; Eleventh Annual symposium,

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Patent filed:

In Vitro Characterisation and Therapeutics, Use of goat Hepatocytes in acute Liver Failure on model systems.Vijayalakshmi Venkatesan, Naseem B Aleem A K, Adarsh K Capoor, M Aejaz and Habibullah CM .( 1283/Del/02) dated 19.12.02 Indian patent.

• Method for isolating the progenitor liver cells from fetal liver cells and their transdifferentiation .. Aleem A K,Parveen, Adarsh K Capoor, Naseem B, Vijayalakshmi Venkateshan, M Aejaz and Habibullah CM (Patent Filing No. 395/MAS/2002)

B) Professional communication to Journals / Magazines:

• Goats to de-liver cells for transplants in India. Nature Medicine 9 (5), 491 May (2003).

• Goat Liver gives hope. Habibullah CM, Vijayalakshmi V, Naseem B, Aleem AA Khan, Aejaz MH and Adarsh KC. Nature- News India, June 2003.

C) Popular articles:

• Xenotransplantation: ,( 2002).An over view. V.Vijayalakshmi, CM Habibullah, Medical Bulletin, Owaisi Hospital, 103-105DBT finds goat liver cells ideal for human transplant, to fight for patent. V.Vijyalakshmi, CM Habibullah and Naseem, Express Pharma Pulse,

• Goat: A great source of cells for liver transplant. Habibullah CM, Vijayalakshmi V, Naseem B, Aleem AA Khan, Aejaz MH and Adarsh KC. (2002)

• The Goat Farmer, Goat useful for liver transplants. Habibullah CM, Vijayalakshmi V, Naseem B, Aleem AA Khan, Aejaz MH and Adarsh KC. Press trust of India, 2003.

D) News:

1. National Institute of Nutrition. Biotech News of DBT, India. Vol II (4), 9-10, Aug 2007

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