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Name: Dr. Vakdevi Validandi
Designation : Scientist ‘C’
Phone: +91-040-27197391

Brief Profile:

Dr. VakdeviValidandi, Ph.D in Biochemistry, joined as scientist-B in 2012
Her area of interest is ‘Molecular aspects of fluorosis’. Her research is trying to understand the molecular mechanism involved in the enhanced urinary excretion of fluoride in the tamarind supplemented rats and to understand the biochemical and molecular mechanism of insulin signaling in fluoride induced insulin resistance in rats.

Total publications: 7
Publications in last 10 years
  1. Rama Krishna UV, ShyamPerugu, Sinha S.N, Vakdevi V. Drug repositioning of the gallate group from EGCG for repurposing. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 2016; 3(7) 253-62. SJIF Impact factor: 3.628.
  2. Khandare AL,Vakdevi V,Shanker Rao,Balakrishna. Effects of strontium and fluoride on bone mechanical and biochemical indices in guinea pigs (Caviaporcellus). Fluoride 2015;48(2):137-47. Impact factor: 0.931
  3. Khandare AL,Vakdevi V, ShankerRao, Srinivas D, Balakrishna Nagalla. Synergistic effects of strontium and fluoride on nutritional status in guinea pigs (Caviaporcellus). Fluoride 2015; 48(4):283-292. Impact factor: 0.931
  4. Reddy P. Y, Giridharan N. V,  Balakrishna N.,Vakdevi V,  Raghu P,  Reddy GB. Increased risk of cataract development in WNIN-Obese rats due to accumulation of intra-lenticular sorbitol. IUBMB Life 2013; 65(5):472-478. (Impact factor 3.514)
  5. V akdevi V,  Reddy VS ,  Srinivas PN ,  Mueller NH ,  Bhagyalaxmi SG ,  Padma T ,  Petrash JM ,  Reddy GB . Temperate-dependent structural and functional properties of a mutant (F71L) αA-crystallin: molecular basis for early onset of age-related cataract. 2011; 585(24):3884-9.
  6. Vakdevi V, Karuna Rupula, Sashidhar Rao Beedu, Vijay Deshpande. Purification and characterization of mycoferritin from Fusarium verticillioides MRC 826.BioMetals2009; 22(6), 1063-1073. (Impact Factor 2.806)
  7. Vakdevi V,SashidharRao B, Vijay Deshpande. Purification and characterization of mycoferritin from Aspergillusflavus MTCC 873. Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics. 2009: 46(5) 366-370. (Impact Factor 0.579):


Award and recognition
Awarded Young Scientist (Senior) Award in Experimental Nutrition at the48th National Conference of the Nutritional Society of India during 4-5th November, 2016  held at St. Johns Research Institute, St. Johns National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore. Topic of the paper: Tamarind ameliorates the fluoride induced glucose intolerance and insulin resistance in rats.

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