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Name: Dr. K.V. Radha Krishna, MBBS, DCH
Scientist  ‘E’
Phone: +91-40-27197254

Brief Profile:

Has done his graduation from osmania medical college in 1977 and Post graduate Diploma in child health in 1982.  Has more than 30 years of experience in clinical pediatrics as well as biomedical research and has more than 35 publications.

Research area of interest include  Maternal and child health, Body composition, Micronutrients,  growth, development,  early life nutrition and chronic diseases.


List of Publications:

  1. Vinodini Reddy, P Bhaskaram, N Raghuramulu, Roy C. Milton, Vithal Rao, J Madhusudhan, and KV Radha Krishna. Relationship between measles, malnutrition, and blindness: a prospective study in Indian children. Am J Clin Nutr. 1986;44:924-30.

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  7. P. Bhaskaram, N. Balakrishna, K.V. Radha Krishna and Kamala Krishnaswamy. Validation of Hemoglobin estimation using hemocue. Inidian J Pediatr. 2003;70(1):25-28

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