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Name: Dr. SANJAY BASAK, M.Sc., Ph.D
Scientist-D, Division of Molecular Biology
Phone: +91-40-27197336

Brief Profile:

Dr Sanjay Basak’s research interest is to understand nutritional impact on the maternal health and complication such as preeclampsia (PE), intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR) and others. Poor early placentation is associated with onset of these pregnancy induced complications and thus early differentiation of phenotypes from the normal pregnancy is the major challenge. His research aim remains therefore to investigate the effects of maternal lipids, glucose, cytokines on feto-placental growth and development to understand the how nutrition modulates the placentation. His work employs advanced research tools that includes angiogenesis assay, nutrient uptake and metabolism, qPCR microarray, taqman based gene expression, siRNA, immunoblotting etc using cell line, first trimester trophoblast cells and clinical samples.

Dr. Basak is a BOYSCAST fellow and did his postdoctoral research work at the University of Oslo, Norway (2010-11). He is also a recipient of Henrik Homans Memorial Scholarship awarded by UNIFOR, Norway (2011). He is a Life Member of Nutrition Society of India (NSI) and a member of Nordic Lipid Forum, Norway.


List of Publications:

 1. Basak S* , Das M.K, Srinivas V and Duttaroy A.K.* (2014) The interplay between glucose and fatty acids on tube formation and fatty acid uptake in the first trimester trophoblast cells, HTR8/SVneo. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Nov 21. PMID:25413343 [Epub ahead of print] (* joint corresponding author)

 2. Das M.K, Basak S, Ahmed M.S., Attramadal, H and Duttaroy A.K. (2014) Connective tissue growth factor induces tube formation and IL-8 production in first trimester human placental trophoblast cells. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 181: 183-188

 3. Basak S, Ehtesham N Z, Sesikeran B, Ghosh S (2014) Detection and identification of transgenic elements by fluorescent-PCR based capillary gel electrophoresis in genetically modified cotton, and soybean. J AOAC Int. 97 (1): 1-7

 4. Basak S and Duttaroy A.K. (2013) cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid stimulates expression of angiopoietin like-4 in the placental extravillous trophoblast cells, BBA-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids 1831: 834- 843

 5. Basak S, Das M.K. and Duttaroy A.K. (2013) Fatty acid-induced angiogenesis in first trimester placental trophoblast cells: Possible roles of cellular fatty acid-binding proteins. Life Sciences 93: 755-762

 6. Basak S and Duttaroy A.K. (2013) Effects of fatty acids on angiogenic activity in the placental extravillous trophoblast cells, Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty acids Feb 88 (2): 155-162


Book Chapters:

 Duttaroy AK and Basak S (2013) Docosahexaenoic Acid and Angiogenesis: A Review Nutrition and Health: Omega-6/3 Fatty Acids, Edited by: F. De Meester et al., Chapter 11, Page193,©Humana Press (Springer Science) Business Media New York

 2. Basak, S. and Dutta Roy A K (2011). Leptin stimulates fatty acid uptake in first trimester trophoblastic cells, HTR8/SVneo, Oral presentation, 26th Nordic Lipid Forum Symposium , Ålesund, June 19-22, Norway

Paper in conference:

 1. Basak S and Dutta Roy, A. K. (2014). Maternal nutrition and early placentation: implication to feto-placental growth and development 11-13th July 2014, International Congress on Women's Health , SV Medical College, Andhra Pradesh, India

 2. Dutta Roy, A. K. and Basak S (2013). Effects of glucose levels on angiogenic properties of first trimester placental trophoblast cells. Diabetes and Nutrition Study, 31st Annual Scientific Meeting, June 27-30, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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