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Brief Profile:

After his Master’s in Biochemistry, Dr. Devindra went on to do his M.Phil on “Improving the Nutritive Value of red gram through Biochemical methods” and Ph.D. on Improving the nutritive value of legumes by Biochemical and Bio technological Techniques. He joined NIN recently and is presently working on carbohydrate composition of Indian food and glycemic index / glycemic load.


List of Publications:

 1. Devindra. S. (2015). Analysis of sugars and starches in commonly consumed Food by using a modified AOAC total dietary fiber method. Indian journal of Experimental Biology. (Under review).

 2. Devindra. S. (2014). Estimation of glycemic carbohydrates in Indian foods by using modified anthrone method. Indian Journal of Applied Research. 5(3), 45-47)

 3. Devindra. S. (2014). Nutritional and anti-nutritional characteristics of two varieties of red gram (Cajanus cajan, L). International Food Research Journal. (Accepted).

 4. Sreenivasa Rao. J, Vasudeva Rao. Y, Devindra. S and Longvah. T. (2014). Analysis of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Indian marine fish using ICP-MS after closed vessel micro wave digestion method. International Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 4(3): 67-73

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 6. Devindra. S. (2012). Functional foods in health and well being. National conference organized by Karnataka State Higher Education Council, Bangalore on 2nd Jun 2012. Pp 6-10.

 7. Pandurang C. Devindra. S and Rao. S. (2012). Introduction of callus from various explants and regeneration of plantlets in sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) VAR. APSH-11. Journal of Crop Science 3(3), 87-89.

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