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Name: Dr. N.Harishankar, MSc., Ph.D (Zoology)
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Brief Profile:

Joined ICMR in 1980 and spent initial years in the Food & Drug Toxicology Division of the Institute, wherein he worked on chemical, nutritional and toxicological evaluation of unconventional oils. He went on to do his MSc from the Central University of Pondicherry he moved to National Centre for Laboratory Animal Sciences (NCLAS) to pursue Ph.D in Zoology, which was awarded to him in 2002. His doctoral work was on the establishment and characterization of the obese mutant rats established at the centre. He is currently associated with the National Centre for Laboratory Animal Sciences (NCLAS) and is involved in all the centers activities like breeding and supply of animals as well as in training of personnel in handling lab animals both regular and adhoc. He was instrumental in establishing the animal physiology laboratory in the centre. His areas of interest include animal physiology, animal behaviour, and also pre-clinical to toxicology.


List of Publications:

 1. Padmavathi J.N Inagadapa, DurgaKishore Yedla, Venu Lagishetty, Manisha Ganeshan, Harishankar Nemani, Giridharan NV, and Raghunath Manchala (2009) “Prenatal and Perinatal Zinc Restriction: Effects on body composition, glucose tolerance and insulin response in rat offspring” Exptl Physiol, (in press).

 2. Arjun.L.Khandare, P.Udayakumar, N.Harishankar, S.Kalyanasundaram, and G.Sanakar Rao (2007) Effect of calcium deficiency induced by Fluoride intaoxcation on lipid metabolism in rabbits”. Fluoride: 40 (3); 184- 189.

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 6. L.Venu, N.Harishankar, T.Prasanna Krishna and M.Raghunath(2004) “Maternal dietary vitamin restriction increases body fat content but not insulin resistance in the rat offspring up to six months of age.” Diabetologia, 47: 1493-1501.

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 12. R. Manorama, N.Harishankar, K.Polasa and C.Rukmini (1989) “Mutagenicity studies on repeatedly heated crude and refined palm oil.” JOTAI. Apr-Jun. 29-31.

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