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Name: Dr. Mekam Maheshwar,
Designation : Scientist-E
Phone: +91-40-27197384

Brief Profile:

He has 28 years of experience in journalism, mass media, nutrition communication & research and Public Relations. Obtained Ph.D and M.Phil in Health & Nutrition Communication, in addition to post-graduate degrees in (i) Media & Communication, (ii) Law, (iii) Literature (iv) Commerce and (v) Public Relations. His specialization is health & nutrition communication and mass media. As a social scientist, he continues to execute translation of existing nutrition knowledge and new research findings generated in the labs into public health domain by dissemination of information. One of the NIN’s mandates is to bring behavior change in food and dietary habits of vulnerable groups’ viz., adolescents, pregnant women and lactating mothers through effective communication channels. In this direction, he is investigating effective ways in health communication in general and nutrition communication in particular. He is examining the impact of print & electronic media and new media technologies and their uses on physical & mental health and behavior change of vulnerable groups. He is continuing his research to explore optimum possibilities for propagating nutrition knowledge and raise awareness levels of the people through mass media.


Total publications:10
Publications in the last 10 years
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