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Dr. M. Raja Sriswan (pronounced as srish-one), joined National Institute of Nutrition as a senior research fellow (SRF) in 2008. As an SRF, he worked in the Hyderabad Dexa study under Dr Hannah Kuper (London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, United Kingdom) and Dr K.V Radhakrishna (then a senior scientist in the Clinical Division, NIN). He has also been the in charge medical officer for Nutrition ward (run by NIN) at Niloufer hospital, a tertiary care hospital in Hyderabad till date. He has worked in the area of stunting, severe acute malnutrition, infant and young child feeding practices (IYCF) and cardiovascular diseases. His interests also include reproducible research based on R Programming software and dietary collection tools. He also did an internship at IIT-Kharagpur in 2016, where he learnt machine learning and programming languages for web and mobile development.
He is currently involved in three epidemiological studies in assessing and improving maternal, child and adolescent nutrition and contributed to identifying lacunae in the existing National Nutrition Program for Rural Adolescent girls and suggested solutions to policy makers to improve the program. He is currently evaluating the model menu implementation and its impact on nutritional status of boys and girls of social welfare residential educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh. He is also involved in testing multi-component intervention model in high burden district of Jharkhand in improving health and nutrition of vulnerable segment of population.


Total publications : 12
Publications in the last 10 years
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Total number of books and book chapters: 1
List of books and book chapters

Molinari F, Meiburger KM, Saba L, Acharya UR, Famiglietti L, Georgiou N, et al. Automated Carotid IMT Measurement and Its Validation in Low Contrast Ultrasound Database of 885 Patient Indian Population Epidemiological Study: Results of AtheroEdge® Software. In: Multi-Modality Atherosclerosis Imaging and Diagnosis [Internet]. Springer New York; 2014 . p. 209–19.

Award and recognitions
ICMR- IIT KharagpurMedTech Internship Award 2016

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