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Name: Dr. Hemalatha R, MBBS; MD
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Brief Profile:

Dr R Hemalatha holds MBBS and MD degrees. Currently she is Heading Clinical Division and Microbiology & Immunology at NIN, ICMR; and holds Joint Secretary Position of Nutrition Society of India. She is recipient of prestigious award - Ponduri Venkata Ramana Rao Gold Medal for her outstanding performance in M.D. She also bagged the Young Scientist Award in 1990 from the Nutrition Society of India and has received best paper awards in International and National conferences held in India.

She worked extensively on reproductive health and women and child nutrition. Her research efforts have generated vital information on the impact of inflammation and lower reproductive tract infections on gestational age and fetal growth and also showed that Lactobacilli preparations influence immune regulation and reduce local and systemic inflammation in pregnant women. Her studies confirmed that prebiotics or probiotics during pregnancy shape fetal immune programming. Her study on Vitamin D showed that low maternal vitamin D influences the spectrum of immune cells, which in turn may be linked to allergy and asthma in neonates. She worked extensively on nutritional status and immunity in children; developed a methodology to assess zinc status in children and won accolade for the same. She also carried out basic studies to support her clinical findings and demonstrated the role of gut bacteria on endotoxemia, Inflammation, insulin resistance and lipid profile. With her extensive contribution and recognition in the field of nutrition sciences she has been a lead participant and speaker in National/ International conferences. She contributed significantly in a huge multicentric study on HIV in high risk groups that had both behavioural and biological components. Currently, she is working on metagenomic profiling of gut and vaginal microbiome in pregnant and non pregnant women to develop indigenous probiotics to prevent reproductive tract infections. She is also testing a community based, integrated approach, in the first 1000 days of life, to improve maternal health and pregnancy outcome.


List of Publications:
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