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Name: G. Bhanuprakash Reddy, PhD, FNASc, FAPAS
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Brief Profile:

Dr. Reddy obtained his PhD in Biochemistry (1996) from Osmania University. He did postdoctoral trainings at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the Case Western Reserve University (USA). He joined the institute in 2000 and currently heads the Department of Ocular Biochemistry. He has been a Visiting Scientist in 2003, 2005 and 2007 at the University of Michigan and in 2014 at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.
He is a recipient of

  • ICMR-Basanti Devi Amir Chand Prize (2010)
  • Scopus India Young Scientist Award (2008)
  • RPB-International Research Scholars Award (2007)
  • ICMR-Excellent Research Output Award (2006)
  • ICMR-Dr. VN. Patwardhan Prize (2002), and
  • Nutrition Society of India (NSI) Young Scientist Award.

Dr. Reddy is a Fellow of

  • the National Academy of Sciences, India and
  • the AP Akademi of Sciences,

Dr. Reddy’s research is focused on nutrigenomics of age-related diseases, particularly complications of diabetes and obesity. His studies discovered a role for micronutrients in the development of diabetic complications. Importantly, he has revealed how deficiency of some micronutrients can influence the molecular processes and provided a basis for micronutrient involvement in diabetic complications using animal models. Also identified mutations in some genes that cause age-related diseases such as cataract and retinal degeneration. His studies are aimed at developing suitable animal models for studying the disease biology of diabetes, prediabetes and obesity associated complications and also to understand the role of nutrition. Dr. Reddy described age-related eye diseases- retinal degeneration and cataract in a spontaneous obese rat model. His pioneering work on involvement protein glycation and aldo-keto reductases under chronic hyperglycemia, paved the way for exploring functional foods molecules as aldose reductase inhibitors (ARI) and antiglycating agents (AGA). Further, isolated and characterized novel compounds from functional foods as ARI and AGA for combating diabetic complications. Dr. Reddy has provided new insights into the structure, function and expression of small heat shock proteins under hyperglycemic conditions and their modulation by nutritional factors. So far ten students have obtained PhD under his supervision. He has published over 110 research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has two patents to his credit.


Selected publications (from a total of 110 publications)

1. VS Reddy and GB Reddy. Emerging role for αB-crystallin as a therapeutic agent: Pros and cons. Curr Mol Med 2015; 15:1-15

2. SS Jose, MS Radhika, N Balakrishna, GNV Brahmam, GB Reddy. Development of a raw food based quantitative food frequency questionnaire and evaluation of its validity and reproducibility among urban individuals of Hyderabad, India. International J Food Nutr Sci (IJFANS) 2014; 3(6): 1-8

3. Muthenna P, Raghu G, Kumar PA, Surekha MV, Reddy GB. Effect of cinnamon and its procyanidin-B2 enriched fraction on diabetic nephropathy in rats. Chem Biol Interact. 2014 Sep 6; 222C:68-76. PMID: 25199697

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7. Reddy VS, Raghu G, Reddy SS, Pasupulati AK, Suryanarayana P, Reddy GB. Response of small heat shock proteins in diabetic rat retina. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2013 Nov 19; 54(12):7674-82 PMID: 24159092

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13. Cukras C, Gaasterland T, Lee P, Gudiseva HV, Chavali VR, Pullakhandam R, Maranhao B, Edsall L, Soares S, Reddy GB, Sieving PA, Ayyagari R. Exome analysis identified a novel mutation in the RBP4 gene in a consanguineous pedigree with retinal dystrophy and developmental abnormalities. PLoS One. 2012; 7(11):e50205. PMID: 23189188

14. Pullakhandam R, Palika R, Ghosh S, Reddy GB. Contrasting effects of type 2 and type 1 diabetes on plasma RBP4 levels: the significance of transthyretin. IUBMB Life. 2012 Dec; 64(12): 975-82. PMID: 23129325

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Book Chapters:

1. GB Reddy and N Saravanan. Nutrition and eye diseases in Textbook of Human Nutrition (eds: M.S. Bamji, K. Krishnaswamy & G. N. V. Brahmam) 3rd Edn, pp 418-430, 2009, Oxford & IBH, New Delhi.

2. GB Reddy and P Suryanarayana. Diabetes and diabetic complications and Phyllanthus sp in Phyllanthus species: Scientific Evaluation and Medicinal Applications (eds: K. B. Hari Kumar & Ramadas Kuttan), pp 235-253, 2011, Taylor & Francis Group.

List of Patents:

1. ALR2 inhibitors and their synthesis from a natural source (JM Rao1, GB Reddy2, VRS Rao1 and P. Muthenna2; 1IICT & 2NIN); Patent # WO/2011117706; US 20120245357; EP 2550063 A1; Priority Data (0682/DEL/2010).

2. Antiglycating potential of procyanidin-B2 isolated from cinnamon bark: Prospects for prevention or treatment of diabetic complications (cataract, retinopathy & nephropathy) (GB Reddy, P. Muthenna, C. Akileshwari and G. Raghu). Patent filed by ICMR. (Application Number: 1452/DEL/2012)

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2. Reddy GB. Molecular-target based nutraceuticals: Prospects for alleviating diabetic complications. Nutrition News, 2009; 30 (Issue 1)

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