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Name: Dr. Arjun L. Khandare, Ph.D (Biochemistry)
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Contact: +91 9160040377
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List of Publications:

1. Effect of high dose fluoride administration on brain antioxidant enzymes and bone parameters in aging rats,Arjun Khandare, Uday Kumar,Shanker Rao, Rima Devi, Tulja and Yathapu Srinivasa Reddy. International J. of Current Research and academic Review Vol.1(3) 2013

2. Putative ligand-target docking studies of human AMPA selective Ionotropic glutamate receptors reveal that β-ODAP has high binding affinity compared to Tyrosine and glutamate. Ankulu Ma, Aparna.Na , Raju Naik Vankudavathb, Arjun. L. Khandare * International Research journal of Biochemistry and Bioinformatics vol3(8) pp.130-139 oct.2013

3. Exploring Antiurolithic Effects of Gokshuradi Polyherbal Ayurvedic Formulation in Ethylene Glycol Induced Urolithic Rats, Amol L Shirfule, Venkatesh Racharla, SSYH Qadri and Arjun L Khandare* Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume 2013, Article ID 763720, 9 pages

4. Amelioration of chronic fluoride toxicity by calcium and fluoride free water in rats Priyanka Shankar, Sudip Ghosh, K. Bhaskarachary, K. Venkaiah and Arjun L. Khandare. British Journal of Nutrition / FirstView Article / December 2012, pp 1 10 DOI: 10.1017/S0007114512004758, Published online:

5. Role of glutamate and nitric oxide in onset of motor neuron degeneration in Neurolathyrism Arjun L. Khandare, M.Ankulu, N.Aparana Neuro Toxicology

6. Copper Ameliorates Fluoride Toxicity in Fluoride and Molybdenum Fed Rabbits . Arjun L. Khandare;Uday Kumar;Priyanka Shankar, Shanker Rao Bio medical and environmental Sciences2013;26(4):226-229 .

7. Magnesium hydroxide for protection against fluoride toxicity in rabbits. Arjun L Khandare, Uday Kumar, Shanker Rao. Fluoride 2011: 44(1) 12-17.

8. Effects of Smoking, use of Aluminium utensils, and Tamarind consumption on Fluorosis in a fluorotic village in Andhra Pradesh, India Arjun L Khandare, Komal Rasaputra, Indrapal Mesharam, Shanker Rao. Fluoride 2010: 43(2)128-133.

9. Diet and nutrition status of four tribal blocks of Thane district of Maharashtra, India A.L. Khandare, V. Siruguri, A. Rao, K.Venkaiah , G. Reddy,G.S. Rao, Pakistan J of Nutr 7(3)485-489, 2008 .

10. Effect of calcium deficiency induced by fluoride intoxication on lipid metabolism in rabbits Arjun L Khandare, P Uday Kumar, N Hari Shankar, S Kalyanasundaramc, G Shanker Rao Fluoride 2007: 40 ;184—189.

11. Dual energy X-ray absorptionemetry (DXA) study of endemic skeletal fluorosis in village of Nalgonda district, Andhra Pradesh, India, Arjun L. Khandare, Rao GS, N. Balakrishan. Fluoride 2007: 40 ;190-197.

12. ) Assessment of current status of fluorosis in North-western Districts of Taml Nadu using Community index for Dental Fluorosis R. Harikumar, AL. Khandare etalJ. Hum. Ecology 21(1):27-32 (2007).

13. Scanning electron microscope studies on the effect of copper and molybdenum on the development of skeletal fluorosis in rabbits. L.Singotamu, A.L. Khandare, P. Madhusudhanachary, Scaning 2006;28:126-127

14. Uptake of fluoride, aluminum and molybdenum by some vegetables from irrigation water, Arjun L. Khandare and G. Shanker Rao. J. Hum. Ecology 19(4):283-288 (2006).

15. Severe bone deformities in young children coupled with vitamin D deficiency in fluoride affected villages, Bihar, India” Arjun L. Khandare ; R. Harikumar ; B. Sivakumar Calcified Tissue International , 2005:76:418.

16. Beneficial effect of copper supplementation on deposition of fluoride in bone in fluoride and A.L.Khandare; P. Suresh ; P. Uday Kumar; N. Lakshmaiah ; N. Manjula; G. Shanker Rao Rao Calcified Tissue International (2005)77:233-238.

17. Additional beneficial effect of tamarind ingestion over defluoridated water supply to adolescent boys in a fluorotic areas. Arjun L Khandare, Uday Kumar P. Rao G. Shanker ,K. Venkaiah and N. Lakshmaiah NUTRITION(2004):20:433-436.

18. Mineral content of water and food in fluorotic villages and prevalence of dental fluorosis.V.Bhargavi, Arjun L. Khandare, K .Venkaiah and G. Sarojani. Biological Trace element Research(2004) :100; 195-203.

19. Antioxidant defense system and lipid per oxidation in patents with skeletal fluorosis and in fluoride-intoxicated rabbits. Bhanuprakesh Reddy, Arjun L. Khandare, P. Yadagiri Reddy, G Shanker Rao, N. Balakrishna and I.Srivalli. Toxicological sciences (2003)72:363-368.

20. Effect of tamarind ingestion on fluoride excretion in humans. AL. Khandare, GS Rao and N. Lakshmaiah. Europian Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2002) 56:82-85. .

21. Beneficial effect of tamarind ingestion on fluoride toxicity in dogs. Arjun L.Khandare.P. Uday Kumar, Nakka Lakahmaiah. Fluoride (2000):33-38. .

22. Purification and properties of pigeon kidney arginase. Arjun L. Khandare, Baburao S. Somavanshi and Nakka Lakshmaiah . Indian Journal of Biophysics & Biochemistry (2000):37; 198-200 .

23. Vitamin K For the Newborn-Old avenues Revisited Indra Narayanan A. Salli and A.L. Khandare. Indian Pediatrics (1989):26;1229-34.

Popular article

24. Fluoride Toxicity-Dietary Intervention. Arjun L. Khandare,P. Uday Kumar and N. Lakshmaiah. Nutrition News 22(1) 2001.

25. International Conference on Recent Trends in Lathyrus sativus Research.” On 8 & 9 November, 2012 Report . CCDN (Cassava Cyanides & Neurolatyrism Network News) Issue 20: December 2012.


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